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This mixin automatically exclude from serialization:

class src.utils_flask_sqla.schema.SmartRelationshipsMixin(*args, **kwargs)[source]

This mixin automatically exclude from serialization:

  • Nested, RelatedList and Related fields

  • all fields with exclude=True in their metadata (e.g. fields.String(metadata={'exclude': True}))

Adding only Nested fields to only will not exclude others fields and serialize specified Nested fields. Adding exclude=True fields to only will serialize only specified fields (default marshmallow behaviour). You can use “+field_name” syntax on only to serialize default excluded fields (with metadata exclude = True) without other fields.

Examples :

class FooSchema(SmartRelationshipsMixin):
    id = fields.Int()
    name = field.Str()
    default_excluded_field = fields.Str(metadata={"exclude": True})
    relationship = fields.Nested(OtherSchema) # or field.RelatedList() / field.Related()

FooSchema().dump() -> {"id": 1, "name": "toto" }
FooSchema(only=["+default_excluded_field"]).dump() -> {"id": 1, "name": "toto", default_excluded_field: "test" }
FooSchema(only=["relationship"]).dump() -> {"id": 1, "name": "toto",  relationship : {OtherSchema...} }
FooSchema(only=["id", "relationship"]).dump() -> {"id": 1, relationship : {OtherSchema...} }