Code source de geonature.core.command.create_gn_module

import importlib
import os
import site
import subprocess
import sys
from pathlib import Path

import pathlib  # For testing purposes
import click
import geonature.utils.config
from click import ClickException
from geonature.core.command.main import main
from geonature.utils.command import (
from geonature.utils.config import config
from geonature.utils.env import ROOT_DIR
from geonature.utils.module import get_dist_from_code, iter_modules_dist, module_db_upgrade

    "-x", "--x-arg", multiple=True, help="Additional arguments consumed by custom scripts"
@click.argument("module_path", type=click.Path(exists=True, file_okay=False, path_type=Path))
@click.argument("module_code", required=False)
@click.option("--build", type=bool, required=False, default=True)
@click.option("--upgrade-db", type=bool, required=False, default=True)
[docs] def install_gn_module(x_arg, module_path, module_code, build, upgrade_db): """ Command definition to install a GeoNature module Parameters ---------- x_arg : list additional arguments module_path : str path of the module directory module_code : str code of the module, deprecated in future release build : boolean is the frontend rebuild upgrade_db : boolean migrate the revision associated with the module Raises ------ ClickException No module found with the given module code ClickException No module code was detected in the code """ click.echo("Installation du backend…")"pip install -e '{module_path}'", shell=True, check=True) # refresh list of entry points importlib.reload(site) importlib.reload(geonature.utils.config) if module_code: # load python package module_dist = get_dist_from_code(module_code) if not module_dist: # FIXME : technically can't go there... raise ClickException(f"Aucun module ayant pour code {module_code} n’a été trouvé") else: for module_dist in iter_modules_dist(): module = module_dist.entry_points["code"].module if module not in sys.modules: path = Path(importlib.import_module(module).__file__) else: path = Path(sys.modules[module].__file__) if module_path.resolve() in path.parents: module_code = module_dist.entry_points["code"].load() break else: raise ClickException( f"Impossible de détecter le code du module, essayez de le spécifier." ) # symlink module in exernal module directory module_frontend_path = (module_path / "frontend").resolve() module_symlink = ROOT_DIR / "frontend" / "external_modules" / module_code.lower() if os.path.exists(module_symlink): if module_frontend_path != os.readlink(module_symlink): click.echo(f"Correction du lien symbolique {module_symlink}{module_frontend_path}") os.unlink(module_symlink) os.symlink(module_frontend_path, module_symlink) else: click.echo(f"Création du lien symbolique {module_symlink}{module_frontend_path}") os.symlink(module_frontend_path, module_symlink) if (Path(module_path) / "frontend" / "package-lock.json").is_file(): click.echo("Installation des dépendances frontend…") install_frontend_dependencies(module_frontend_path) click.echo("Création de la configuration frontend…") create_frontend_module_config(module_code) if build: click.echo("Rebuild du frontend …") build_frontend() click.secho("Rebuild du frontend terminé.", fg="green") if upgrade_db: click.echo("Installation / mise à jour de la base de données…") if not module_db_upgrade(module_dist, x_arg=x_arg): click.echo( "Le module est déjà déclaré en base. " "Installation de la base de données ignorée." )
@main.command() @click.option( "-d", "--directory", default=None, help=('Migration script directory (default is "migrations")'), ) @click.option( "--sql", is_flag=True, help=("Don't emit SQL to database - dump to standard output " "instead") ) @click.option( "--tag", default=None, help=('Arbitrary "tag" name - can be used by custom ' "scripts") ) @click.option( "-x", "--x-arg", multiple=True, help="Additional arguments consumed by custom scripts" ) @click.argument("module_codes", metavar="[MODULE_CODE]...", nargs=-1)
[docs] def upgrade_modules_db(directory, sql, tag, x_arg, module_codes): for module_dist in iter_modules_dist(): module_code = module_dist.entry_points["code"].load() if module_codes and module_code not in module_codes: continue if module_code in config["DISABLED_MODULES"]: click.echo(f"Omission du module {module_code} (déactivé)") continue click.echo(f"Mise-à-jour du module {module_code}…") if not module_db_upgrade(module_dist, directory, sql, tag, x_arg): click.echo( "Le module est déjà déclaré en base. " "Installation de la base de données ignorée." )