Code source de geonature.core.gn_commons.validation.routes

import logging
import uuid

from werkzeug.exceptions import BadRequest
from sqlalchemy import select

from pypnnomenclature.models import TNomenclatures, BibNomenclaturesTypes
from pypnusershub.db.models import User
from utils_flask_sqla.response import json_resp

from geonature.core.gn_commons.models import TValidations
from geonature.core.gn_permissions import decorators as permissions
from geonature.utils.env import DB

from ..routes import routes

[docs] log = logging.getLogger()
[docs] def is_uuid(uuid_string): try: # Si uuid_string est un code hex valide mais pas un uuid valid, # UUID() va quand même le convertir en uuid valide. Pour se prémunir # de ce problème, on check la version original (sans les tirets) avec # le code hex généré qui doivent être les mêmes. uid = uuid.UUID(uuid_string) return uid.hex == uuid_string.replace("-", "") except ValueError: return False
@routes.route("/history/<uuid_attached_row>", methods=["GET"]) @permissions.check_cruved_scope("R", module_code="SYNTHESE") @json_resp
[docs] def get_hist(uuid_attached_row): # Test if uuid_attached_row is uuid if not is_uuid(uuid_attached_row): raise BadRequest("Value error uuid_attached_row is not valid") """ Here we use execute() instead of scalars() because we need a list of sqlalchemy.engine.Row objects """ data = DB.session.execute( select( TValidations.id_nomenclature_valid_status, TValidations.validation_date, TValidations.validation_comment, User.nom_role + " " + User.prenom_role, TValidations.validation_auto, TNomenclatures.label_default, TNomenclatures.cd_nomenclature, ) .join( TNomenclatures, TNomenclatures.id_nomenclature == TValidations.id_nomenclature_valid_status, ) .join(User, User.id_role == TValidations.id_validator) .where(TValidations.uuid_attached_row == uuid_attached_row) .order_by(TValidations.validation_date) ).all() history = [] for row in data: line = {} line.update( { "id_status": str(row[0]), "date": str(row[1]), "comment": str(row[2]), "validator": str(row[3]), "typeValidation": str(row[4]), "label_default": str(row[5]), "cd_nomenclature": str(row[6]), } ) history.append(line) return history