Code source de geonature.core.gn_permissions.routes

Routes of the gn_permissions blueprint

import json
from copy import copy

from flask import Blueprint, request, Response, render_template, session

from geonature.utils.env import DB
from sqlalchemy.orm import joinedload
from utils_flask_sqla.response import json_resp
from geonature.core.gn_commons.models import TModules
from geonature.core.gn_permissions import decorators as permissions
from geonature.core.gn_permissions.commands import supergrant

[docs] routes = Blueprint( "gn_permissions", __name__, cli_group="permissions", template_folder="./templates" )
routes.cli.add_command(supergrant) # @TODO delete @routes.route("/logout_cruved", methods=["GET"])
[docs] def logout(): """ Route to logout with cruved .. :quickref: Permissions; To avoid multiples server call, we store the cruved in the session when the user logout we need clear the session to get the new cruved session """ copy_session_key = copy(session) for key in copy_session_key: session.pop(key) return Response("Logout", 200)