Code source de geonature.utils.config

import os
from collections import ChainMap
from urllib.parse import urlsplit

from flask import Config
from flask.helpers import get_root_path
from marshmallow import EXCLUDE
from marshmallow.exceptions import ValidationError

from geonature.utils.config_schema import (
from geonature.utils.utilstoml import load_toml
from geonature.utils.env import CONFIG_FILE
from geonature.utils.errors import ConfigError

__all__ = ["config", "config_frontend"]

# Load config from GEONATURE_* env vars and from GEONATURE_SETTINGS python module (if any)
config_programmatic = Config(get_root_path("geonature"))
if "GEONATURE_SETTINGS" in os.environ:

# Load toml file and override with env & py config
config_toml = load_toml(CONFIG_FILE) if CONFIG_FILE else {}

# Validate config
    config_backend = GnPySchemaConf().load(config_toml, unknown=EXCLUDE)
    config_frontend = GnGeneralSchemaConf().load(config_toml, unknown=EXCLUDE)
except ValidationError as e:
    raise ConfigError(CONFIG_FILE, e.messages)

config_default = {
    # disable cache for downloaded files (PDF file stat for ex)
    # TODO: use Flask.get_send_file_max_age(filename) to return 0 only for generated PDF files

[docs] config = ChainMap({}, config_programmatic, config_backend, config_frontend, config_default)
api_uri = urlsplit(config["API_ENDPOINT"]) if "APPLICATION_ROOT" not in config: config["APPLICATION_ROOT"] = api_uri.path or "/" if "PREFERRED_URL_SCHEME" not in config: config["PREFERRED_URL_SCHEME"] = api_uri.scheme